Hi there! My name’s Lisa Currie. I started The Scribble Project in 2007 as a snail mail project, inviting my favourite artists to fill out a visual interview and post it back to me. This one by Gemma Correll was my first reply! Notice the water stains? Her scribbles got a bit rained on before I could rescue them from my letterbox.

After collecting hundreds of these hand-drawn autobiographies from all sorts of doodlers, from all over the world, I’m still giddy and constantly surprised by what people do with them! I’m hooked on that special creative sauce I believe we all have in our viens... our unique blend of who we are, what we’ve been through, where we come from, what side of the bed we woke up on today, and how we choose to process it all via marks on paper.

Thank you to everyone who’s shared their scribbles with us so far, into 2018 and beyond! If you’re thinking you might like to join in (excellent idea!) all the details are below.

Have fun!
Lisa x

Have a scribble!
Click to print any of the blank scribble sheets.

* Personal and non-commercial use only. You’re welcome to use them in classrooms or therapy sessions. Enjoy!
Sumbit your handiwork!
If you’re keen to join in: print out one of the scribble sheets, doodle over it in your own way (no digital, hand-drawn only please!) then scan and email it back to me. At least 1,500px wide JPG or TIFF is perfect.

Email: lisacurriEEE@gmail.com

It makes my day to see every one of your scribble sheets, it really does! This is a curated space but I try to include a mix of styles. Send along your handiwork and I’ll let you know. Everyone is welcome to join in!