Hi, my name is Lisa. Welcome!

I ask my favourite artists and creative folk to attack this scribble sheet however they like. The results are endlessly good! It’s a hand-drawn peek into their brain. A doodled time capsule of that chapter in their life. Always tiny surprises and delights to be found in each sheet. Some scribble deep and invite you to zoom into every tiny breadcrumb they leave behind on the page. Others are a curious stranger who catches your eye on the dancefloor but disappear before you have a chance to say hi, like who WAS that cutie???

Thank you to every scribbler who’s shared a little of their hand-drawn selves with us!

This website is the 2017 reincarnation of a project I’ve been coming back to for over a decade now. In the immortal words of Jack Twist... I wish I knew how to quit you! You can dig even deeper into my old blog archives, if you’re really feeling it.

If you’re keen for a scribble...

Click here to print the PDF 👍

Any personal or non-commercial use is a-ok with me!

I occasionally accept submissions for the website, although mostly I seek out artists myself. Feel free to share your handiwork with me if you want to! It’s always nice to see what you get up to with the sheet.


The after-party...

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